shinydashboardPlus 2.0.3 Unreleased

This release is a patch to fix an issue preventing the release of Shiny 1.7.0. Thanks @wch.

Minor change

  • Internal change regarding the waiter package but no user impact. Thanks @JohnCoene.

Bug fix

  • Fix #150: Warning when using controlbarMenu.

shinydashboardPlus 2.0.2 2021-07-16

shinydashboardPlus 2.0.1 2021-04-26

This release is a patch without major changes.

Minor change

Bug fix

shinydashboardPlus 2.0.0 2021-03-07

This release is a major step for shinydashboardPlus. It is also a significant breaking change compared to the latest CRAN version. Overall this release will simplify the transition from shinydashboard to shinydashboardPlus and bring more consistency, more interactivity between components. Below is the changelog.

Breaking changes

  • Change maxstar and grade in starBlock() to max and value.
  • Remove footerPadding from boxPlus() to align with {bs4Dash}
  • Remove all sidebar related parameters from boxPlus(). This is now part of the new boxPlusSidebar()
  • remove dropdownIcon parameter from boxPlus(). It is now part of the dropdownItemList()
  • Remove all label params from boxPlus(). This is to reduce the number of parameters of cards. Now part of boxPlusLabel()
  • In dropdownItemList() icon must be provided as shiny::icon() and not a simple string containing the icon name. This is to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • Replace left_text and right_text by left and right, respectively in dashboardFooter()
  • Remove all sidebar related parameters of dashboardPagePlus(). They now belong to dashboardSidebarPlus() to Align with {shinydashboard}
  • In dashboardSidebarPlus(): replace rightSidebar by controlbar (align with {bs4Dash}). Rename enable_preloader to preloader and loading_duration to duration
  • Rename rightSidebar() to dashboardControlbar() to align with {bs4Dash}
  • Remove enable_rightSidebar from dashboardHeaderPlus(). This is now part of dashboardControlbar() as disable like in {shinydashboard}. rightSidebarIcon becomes controlbarIcon that accepts shiny::icon instead of a simple string containing the icon name to be consistent with {shinydashboard}. left_menu becomes leftUi like in {bs4Dash}
  • Remove rightSiderbarMenu(), rightSidebarTablist(), rightSidebarTabItem(), rightSidebarPanel() and rightSidebarTabContent(). They are now replaces by dashboardControlbar(), controlbarMenu() and controlbarItem()
  • Remove rightSidebarMenuItem(), menuIcon() and menuInfo()
  • Rename boxPlus() to box(), dashboardPagePlus() to dashboardPage() and dashboardHeaderPlus() to dashboardHeader()
  • dropdownBlock() icon expects a shiny::icon() and not a simple string containing the icon name. This is to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • In gradientBox() icon expects a shiny::icon() and not a simple string containing the icon name. This is to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • In descriptionBlock() icon expects a shiny::icon() and not a simple string containing the icon name. This is to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • Rework navPillsItem(): pillName becomes left, pillText becomes right, pillColor becomes color, pillIcon becomes icon and expects a shiny::icon(). Add inputId so that the item behaves like an action button
  • Rework productListItem(): productTitle becomes title, productPrice becomes subtitle, priceColor becomes color
  • In timelineItem(), timelineStart() and timelineEnd(), icon expects a shiny::icon() and not a simple string containing the icon name. This is to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • In userListItem(), user_name becomes title, description becomes subtitle
  • dropdownItemList() becomes boxDropdown(). dropdownItem() becomes boxDropdownItem()
  • userPostToolItemList() becomes userPostTagItems(). userPostToolItem() becomes userPostTagItem()
  • Remove boxProfileItemList(). boxProfile() gets a new parameter bordered, inherited from the old boxProfileItemList()
  • In boxProfile(), title becomes mandatory
  • title and description mandatory in boxProfileItem()
  • In boxComment(): src and title are mandatory
  • widgetUserBox() becomes userBox() for more naming consistency
  • Remove gradientBox() for consistency with {bs4Dash}
  • Add icon, gradient and boxToolSize to box()
  • title mandatory in userBox(). Remove background. Replace backgroundUrl by backgroundImage. Reworked type parameter
  • Restore accordion() id. We should distinguish between TRUE inputs (sliderInput) and secondary inputs (that you can use for interactivity)…
  • color becomes status in accordionItem(). This is to be consistent with AdminLTE2 classes and {shinydashboard}
  • In attachmentBlock(): src becomes image and titleUrl becomes href. image is mandatory
  • In socialButton(): url becomes href and type becomes icon (expect shiny::icon)
  • In productListItem(): src becomes image to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • In timelineItemMedia(): src becomes image to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • In userListItem(): src becomes image to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • In userPost(): src becomes image to be consistent with {shinydashboard}. image and author are mandatory
  • In userPostMedia(): src becomes image to be consistent with {shinydashboard}. image is mandatory
  • Reworked verticalProgress() to progressBar()
  • In userMessage(): src becomes image to be consistent with {shinydashboard}. side becomes type (semantic)
  • In dashboardUser(): src becomes image to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • In userBox(): src becomes image to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • In socialBox(): src becomes image to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • In boxComment(): src becomes image to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • In boxProfile(): src becomes image to be consistent with {shinydashboard}
  • In boxDropdownItem(): url becomes href to be consistent with {shinydashboard}. name is removed
  • Rework preloader feature: remove duration and preloader now expects a list…
  • In navPillsItem(): active becomes selected

New features

Minor change

  • Add headerBorder to box()
  • add width to accordion() (default to 12)
  • Simplified dependencies code (No end-user impact)

Bug fixes

  • Fix #102: dashboardUser not displayed when using shinydashboard::sidebarMenuOutput. ensureActivatedTab was not in the global scope, whereas it was needed by the output binding code
  • Fix #107: collapsed = FALSE not working for dashboardControlbar.
  • Fix #56: When controlbar is expanded/collapsed, a plot does not fit in body.
  • Fix #78: Menu Item with Sub Menu Item Arrow Not Rotating.
  • Fix #105: box animation speed. Allow user defined options to prevail over internals.
  • Fix #57: broken default input$sidebarCollapsed.
  • Fix #86: controlbar should also trigger a window resize, like the left shinydashboard sidebar. Thanks @ajfisher83
  • Fix ugly layout of the box body (wrong padding and margins) when one puts a sidebar in box()
  • title is mandatory in accordionItem() (Setting title to NULL would prevent the item to be able to collapse …)

shinydashboardPlus 0.7.5 2020-07-15


  • New dark theme: midnight (still work in progress, some elements are missing)

Breaking Changes

Minor Change

  • Fix #52: add collapsed arg to widgetUserBox(). Thanks @terpsrule
  • Fix #40: add sidebar_icon argument to boxPlus(). Thanks @jmw86069 for the suggestion

Bug Fixes

  • Fix #61: uniqueness of accordion() id. Thanks @RegaCaska
  • Fix #23: rework id arg in flipBox(). Thanks @vinpogo
  • Add class btn-box-tool to close button in widgetUserBox(). Prevent from ugly rendering
  • Fix #51: change card sidebar z-index so that it is not displayed on top of the page preloader. Thanks @leungi
  • Fix #53: missing title in demo message card
  • Fix #55: when no image is provided, no circle is displayed. Thanks @nschwamm
  • Replace http links by https
  • Fix #36: make sure that a carousel() item is displayed when it is generated via a shiny Output function. Thanks @daattali for the report

shinydashboardPlus 0.7.0 2019-04-08

Breaking Changes

  • remove all CSS functions, namely setShadow(), setPulse(), setShake() and setZoom(), since they are contained in shinyEffects

New features

  • 6 new color statuses for boxPlus() headers: navy, teal, orange, maroon, black and purple
  • add new argument .items to rightSidebar(): useful if we do not want to embed elements in tabs.
  • add dashboardFooter()
  • add dashboardUser(), dashboardUserItem(), renderUser() and userOutput()
  • add carousel() and carouselItem()
  • new argument to dashboardPagePlus: sidebar_fullCollapse enable the sidebar to be fully collapsed as in shinydashboard. Fix #24, thanks @serkserk
  • by default, opening the right sidebar shifts the body content to the left, similarly as the left sidebar

major changes

Minor changes

  • new hex icons
  • update gallery
  • update vignettes (RinteRface)


  • fix issue when the dashboardHeaderPlus() title was NULL
  • fix #22 thanks to @trallard (missing licence)

shinydashboardPlus 0.6.0 2018-09-20

New features

  • add new flipBox()

  • new sidebar in the boxPlus() function: set up with the following arguments “enable_sidebar”, “sidebar_content”, “sidebar_width”, “sidebar_background” and “sidebar_start_open”

  • new “left_menu” argument in the dashboardHeaderPlus() to include elements in the left part of the navbar. (In addition to what you can already do in the right part with shinydashboard)

  • new dropdownBlock() to include shiny input elements in a navbar left menu (optimized for all screen sizes)

  • new “fixed” argument to the navbar (dashboardHeaderPlus()). If TRUE, the navbar is fixed-top. (static-top by default)

  • new setZoom() function (similar as setShadow())

  • new setPulse() function

  • new setShake() function

  • add “enable_preloader” and “loading_duration” to dashboardPagePlus() (custom preloader)

  • update the shinydashboardPlusGallery()

  • add a “style” argument to dashboardLabel()

  • change the website images

  • add “collapsed argument” to userPost() to show or hide comments when the application starts.

    Bug fixes

  • now appButton() open a new window when clicked

  • now socialButton() open a new window when clicked

  • do not show comments when there are no comments in socialBox()

  • do not show the footer when it is NULL in socialBox()

  • add style overflow-y auto to socialBox() in case there are more than 2 comments (avoid “infinite” height boxes)

  • on mobiles (or small screens), navbar left menu items display inline, instead of column…

  • disable timelineItem() footer when NULL

  • center images in userPostMedia()

  • fix #8 thanks to @scottyraymond (dropdownBlock() icon not displaying)

shinydashboardPlus 0.5.0 2018-07-05

Bug fixes

  • Fix an important issue in the rightSidebar(). When the function was called without any element, it triggered an error because the number of items was 0

  • clicking on starBlock(), navPillsItem() and the socialBlock() title does not reload or redirect at the top of the page

  • clicking on the attachmentBlock() link open a new page in a new tab (target = "_blank")

  • correct vignettes title (

    Breaking changes

  • change argument name in dropdownItem() (boxPlus()): “target” is replaced by “url”.

  • Widely simplify the rightSidebar() function: remove rightSidebarTabList(), rightSidebarTabItem() and rightSidebarPanel() from the user interface. See here to discover how to set up a new rightSidebar()

    Major changes

  • add a “width” argument to the rightSidebar() (set to 230 pixels by default) to improve customization.

  • new function setShadow() to set shadow and hover effects on any elements

  • add an “active” argument to rightSidebarTabContent(): see #4

  • add a “sidebar_background” argument to dashboardPagePlus()

  • new verticalProgress() bars!

  • new functions in the rightSidebar(): rightSidebarMenu(), rightSidebarMenuItem(), menuIcon() and menuInfo() (see shinydashboardPlusGallery())

  • new dropdown menu for boxPlus(): add dropdownItemList(), dropdownItem() and dropdownDivider() functions (see shinydashboardPlusGallery())

  • add “width” and “height” args to timelineItemMedia() and userPostMedia()

  • remove useless content

    New Side content

  • add a pkgdown website

  • add cran downloads to readme

shinydashboardPlus 0.2.0 2018-05-08

shinydashboardPlus 0.1.0 Unreleased