Use Framework7 icons in shiny applications, see complete list of icons here :

f7Icon(..., lib = NULL, color = NULL, style = NULL, old = NULL)



Icon name and f7Badge.


Library to use: NULL, "ios" or "md". Leave NULL by default. Specify, md or ios if you want to hide/show icons on specific devices.


Icon color, if any.


CSS styles to be applied on icon, for example use font-size: 56px; to have a bigger icon.


Deprecated. This was to handle old and new icons but shinyMobile only uses new icons from now. This parameter will be removed in a future release.


David Granjon,


if(interactive()){ library(shiny) library(shinyMobile) shinyApp( ui = f7Page( title = "Icons", f7SingleLayout( navbar = f7Navbar(title = "icons"), f7List( f7ListItem( title = tagList( f7Icon("envelope") ) ), f7ListItem( title = tagList( f7Icon("envelope_fill", color = "green") ) ), f7ListItem( title = f7Icon("home", f7Badge("1", color = "red")) ), f7ListItem( title = f7Icon("envelope", lib = "md"), "This will not appear since only for material design" ) ) ) ), server = function(input, output) {} ) }